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Superior Auto Care offers professional alignment services in Fort Myers to ensure your vehicle travels smoothly and efficiently. Correctly aligned tires not only reduce tire wear but also help keep your car straight and prevent it from pulling to one side. During routine maintenance, your tires should be checked, but if you notice any uneven tire wear or the car pulling to one side, it's time for a check-up by a qualified technician. Our team of experts will thoroughly examine your vehicle's tires and perform any necessary alignment adjustments to the manufacturer's specifications. Contact us at 239.397.2663 (BOND) for more information or to schedule an appointment. Trust us to provide the best alignment services for your vehicle.

Wheel Alignment: An Overview

A wheel alignment refers to the adjustment of the angles of your vehicle's wheels to restore their original specifications and improve their contact with the road. Incorrect alignment can cause reduced drivability, decreased gas mileage, and early tire wear.

Why Is Wheel Alignment Important?

Maintaining proper wheel alignment is crucial for the safety of your vehicle and its passengers. It ensures that the right amount of tire stays in contact with the road and prevents the vehicle from pulling to the left or right. A well-aligned vehicle also provides a smoother ride and improved gas mileage, as well as extends tire life.

What Can Cause Misalignment?

Several factors can affect wheel alignment, including normal wear and tear on the suspension and its components, hitting potholes or rough roads, carrying heavy loads, aggressive driving, and minor collisions. To keep your vehicle safe, it's recommended to get a wheel alignment twice a year or when you purchase new tires. Other situations when an alignment check is necessary include:

After a major impact with a curb or pothole in Fort Myers. If you frequently go off-roading. If your tires are wearing unevenly. When you lower or lift your vehicle. After replacing steering or suspension parts. If you experience drift or pull to one side. If the steering wheel is off-center when driving straight. After an accident.

Can Misalignment Cause Steering Wheel Vibration?

It is unlikely that misalignment would cause steering wheel vibration. Instead, it is more probable that imbalanced tire/wheel assemblies or other tire-related issues are causing vibrations in the steering wheel, floorboard, or seat while driving at highway or freeway speeds.

Can Misalignment Cause Noise?

No. Misalignment-induced noise is typically due to abnormal tire wear. While aligning the tires may be necessary to resolve tire-related noise, it may not solve the noise issue entirely.

Will Misalignment Affect Tires?

Yes. Tires with moderate-to-severe edge wear or feathered wear may indicate misalignment and a possible deviation from the correct toe or camber angle.

Camber and Its Impact on Wear and Cornering: The tilt of the tire and wheel assembly (as viewed from the front of the vehicle) is referred to as camber. A negative camber results from the top of the tire leaning inward, while a positive camber indicates that the top of the tire is tilting outward. Each vehicle manufacturer sets a specific camber alignment, which may be positive, negative, or zero (0º). Proper camber alignment allows the tire and wheel to roll straight.

Camber plays a crucial role in cornering performance. Deviation from the manufacturer's specified camber range can result in handling problems and excessive tire wear, which is cost-ineffective. If a vehicle in Fort Myers has adjustable rear camber, adjusting it can significantly impact straight-line stability and cornering.

Toe Angle and Its Influence on Tire Life: The toe angle is the most prone to deviation from alignment. A proper toe alignment will be at zero (0º) when the vehicle is on the road, meaning that all tire and wheel assemblies (front and rear) are pointing in the same direction. A correctly aligned toe angle reduces tire friction and prolongs tire life. Conversely, tire life may be reduced when the toe angle is facing away from each other (toe-out) or towards each other (toe-in), leading to slight tire scrubbing with every passing mile.

Method of Wheel Alignment:

A wheel alignment in Fort Myers is performed by utilizing an alignment machine that measures the wheel angles. The machine calculates and compares the angles against the vehicle's original specifications.

  • The technician then adjusts the camber, caster, and toe of each wheel as necessary.
  • A real-time computer readout displays the achievement of the target angles.
  • The steering wheel is checked to ensure it is centered.
  • Finally, the vehicle is given a test drive.

Types of Alignment:

The technician will recommend the appropriate alignment type based on the vehicle type. A four-wheel alignment typically costs more than a thrust alignment.

Thrust Alignment: A thrust alignment is the most accurate alignment option for vehicles without adjustable rear suspension. Only the front wheels are adjusted to align as closely as possible to the thrust line, which is the average direction of the two rear wheels. This compensates for a centered steering wheel, despite the possibility of both rear wheels not being pointed straight ahead.

Four-Wheel Alignment: This type of alignment is performed on vehicles with adjustable rear suspension, aiming to bring all four wheels back to the original manufacturer specifications. The process involves measuring and adjusting the rear axle angles first, followed by the front axle. It is the most accurate and manufacturer-recommended alignment for vehicles with adjustable rear suspension.

Should Alignment Be Performed with New Tires?

Absolutely! Obtaining a wheel alignment when replacing tires is advisable

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